7.1 Disagreements between Users and OEP should be settled in the course of correspondence using e-mail addresses of Users and OEP support service. If the agreement cannot be reached, the dispute shall be referred to the court at the location of the respondent.
7.2 The Owner of the Electronic platform has the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time. The User undertakes to independently follow the changes of the Privacy Policy by familiarizing with the current edition.
7. Other provisions
6.1.The materials on the Electronic platform are given «as is». OEP makes no guarantees, communicated or suggested, and thus renounces and nullifies every single other warranties, including without impediment, inferred guarantees or states of merchantability, fitness for a specific reason, or non-encroachment of licensed property or other infringement of rights. Furthermore, OEP does not warrant or make any representations concerning the precision, likely results, or unwavering quality of the utilization of the materials on its Internet site or generally identifying with such materials or on any destinations connected to this website.
6. Disclaimer
5.1 The owner of the Electronic platform provides proper protection of personal and other data from illegal or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of third parties with them.
5. Protection of personal data
4.1 User's personal data and other data shall be kept confidential, unless such data is publicly available.
4.2. OEP performs automated processing and transfer of personal and other data to the extent consistent with the Policy and the law.
4.3 The User's personal login and password are used to authorize access to the Electronic Marketplace. This information is confidential. The User is responsible for its safety. The User may not transfer the personal login and password to third parties.
In order to ensure more reliable protection of information, the owner of the Electronic Marketplace may use a system of linking the User's account to a mobile phone number and (or) e-mail address.
4. Procedure for the processing of personal and other data
3.1 Personal data may be used for identification of purposes, provision of services, sending promotional materials to Users, conducting statistical and other research.
3.2. OEP collects and processes Users' data in the following scope: surname, first name, e-mail address, phone number, cookies, as well as other data voluntarily provided by Users.
3.3. By pressing the button «send» User also agrees to use Cookies. OEP uses Cookies on the website https://upservice.io to improve experience and website navigation. OEP also uses cookies to analyze how users interact with the website.
Cookies are small text files that can be stored on the user’s computer or device when they browse the website. They allow OEP to remember User actions and preferences (for example language) during a certain period of time. If the User wants to withdraw opt-in to Cookie Policy, please clear cache by visiting browser settings.
3.4. The User is not allowed to indicate personal data of third parties on the Electronic Marketplace.
3.5. Electronic platform guarantees that the use and transfer to any other application of information obtained from Google API will comply with the User Data Policy of Google API services, including the requirements of limited use.
3. Collection and processing of personal data
2.1 OEP provides confidentiality and proper protection of information about Users, including prevention from unauthorized access and leaks.
2.2 Data transfer OEP confirms the User's consent to use and transfer the information. The consent is valid from the moment of entering the site and until the moment of its revocation by the User by sending a notice to OEP.
2.3. If the User does not agree with the Policy, the use of the Electronic site will immediately be terminated.
2. General Provisions
1.1 Electronic platform is a hardware and software complex on the site in the Internet at the address: https://upservice.io (hereafter - website). All exclusive rights to the Electronic Marketplace and its individual elements (including software, design) belong to Allegria Pro, LLC.
1.2 The Owner of the Electronic Platform (hereafter - OEP) is a legal entity (subject of information relations), which realizes the rights of ownership, use and disposal of the information resource.
1.3 User - a person using the Electronic Marketplace.
1.4 Personal Data - personal information of the User, which the User provides about himself/herself in the process of using the functionality of the Electronic Marketplace.
1.5. Data - other data about the User (not included in the concept of Personal Information) and any other information posted on the website.
1. Definitions used in the Policy
This Privacy Policy defines the manner in which personal and other data are processed and used on https://upservice.io. By accessing this web site, User agrees to be bound by these website Terms and Conditions of Use, applicable laws and regulations and their compliance. The materials contained in this site are secured by relevant copyright and trade mark law.

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